Founder’s Statement

      Nonviolence is often discredited as weak and naïve—the option of unrealistic dreamers. Fortunately, not everyone has limited their imaginations in this way. We are approaching a critical mass of proof that nonviolence is not only powerful, pragmatic, and in rooted in reality, but that it is the natural way that humanity functions at its best. In this unique historical moment, the ground is breaking open and the shoots of this hope are springing forth with renewed possibility.

      For this, we need to gather a critical mass of support for the peacebuilders, the pioneers in nonviolence. We must equip them with encouragement, expand their expertise, and amplify their efforts.

      Violence is not in our DNA nor is it our destiny. Humanity is positioned to make new discoveries in nonviolence, a vastly underexplored region awaiting the daring, the visionaries, and anyone looking for a challenge worthy of a life’s devotion.

Suzanne Ross, CEO & Founder